Our Services to PatientsOur Services to Patients

As defined by the Section 17c Contract, we offer core medical services, additional services (maternity care, child health surveillance, vaccinations, smears) and enhanced services (minor surgery, anticoagulant monitoring, near patient testing, IUCD and Implanon insertion, and substance misuse). We can also offer ultrasound scanning, sigmoidoscopy, and cardiac assessment.

Chronic Disease Management

Medical Certificates

A self-certificate is required for absence of less than seven days duration. Your employer will be able to provide this certificate. If you are off work for seven or more days, you will need to contact your Doctor to get the appropriate certificate.

Primary Care Mental Health

A Primary Care Mental Health Worker service is available to patients aged 16 years and over who have anxiety or mild depression, and their Doctor feels they would benefit from discussion sessions. The initial appointment is for one hour, followed by up to eight sessions of half an hour duration. Doctors can refer patients to the service.

Health Visitors
Parenting Programmes, "New Beginnings" - a health programme for new parents, Primary and Pre-School Immunisations
Parentcraft, Breast Feeding, Antenatal and Postnatal Care